Alvarado v. Timberworks

Case No.: 1-14-CV-272991

Superior Court-County of Santa Clara

Attorneys: Peter Rukin

We have filed a proposed class action lawsuit against Timberworks Construction, Inc. on behalf of laborers who worked for Timberworks in California.   The Complaint alleges that Plaintiff and his co-workers worked more than eight hours in a day and/or more than 40 hours in a week for which they were not paid overtime compensation.  The Complaint also alleges that Defendant denied Plaintiff and his co-workers uninterrupted meal and rest periods, that Defendant failed to pay Plaintiffs and his co-workers minimum wage for all hours worked and failed to provide accurate written itemized statements of wages.  As a result, the Complaint alleges that Plaintiffs and his co-workers are owed unpaid regular and overtime wages; meal and rest break penalties; penalties for record-keeping violations; penalties under the California Labor Code Private Attorneys General Act of 2004; restitution and disgorgement under the Unfair Competition Law, Business and Professions Code §§ 17200 et seq; and other related penalties.

See the complaint here.