San Francisco Retaliation Lawyer

If an employer punishes or takes an adverse employment action against an employee after they engage in a protected activity at work, this is known as retaliation. According to the EEOC,  protected activities include:

Retaliating against these types of behaviors is illegal according to both state and federal laws. Moreover, some laws, such as Dodd-Frank and the False Claims Act, permit an individual who reports fraud or other unlawful activity to collect a portion of the money ultimately recovered.

What Qualifies as Retaliation

Although many people believe that termination is the only form of retaliation by an employer, retaliation can take on many forms including:

Legally Protected Individuals

Federal and state laws also protect individuals who file complaints in the following areas:

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If you believe that you have been retaliated against for reporting illegal activity, you need to contact a whistleblower protection attorney immediately. Federal and state laws offer protection to employees and an attorney can ensure that you are taking advantage of your rights. At Rukin Hyland & Riggin LLP in San Francisco, our lawyers specialize in retaliation claims and have the experience to defend your rights and hold your employer responsible for their actions.