Urena v. Earthgrains Distribution, LLC

Case No.: 2:16-cv-02306

U.S. Federal District Court- Central District

Attorneys: Peter Rukin, Valerie Brender

We have filed a class action lawsuit against Earthgrains Distribution on behalf of Earthgrains distributors. The lawsuit claims that while Earthgrains classifies distributors as independent contractors, it treats distributors like employees under California law. The Complaint alleges that distributors were required to pay for various expenses such as their vehicles, gas, and maintenance, cell phones, among other expenses. Earthgrains also took deductions from distributors’ wages for handheld computers, loading services, out-of-date goods, and lost, stolen, and damaged goods. Furthermore, Distributors were not separately compensated for rest breaks, and Plaintiffs allege that Earthgrains did not authorize and permit meal and rest breaks.  As a result, Plaintiffs assert that Earthgrains is liable for unreimbursed expenses and deductions, meal and rest breaks, and penalties.

See the first amended complaint here.