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Rukin Hyland & Riggin LLP is pleased to announce the release of our new publication regarding the San Francisco Paid Parental Leave Ordinance.

In April 2016, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors passed an ordinance providing benefits to employees taking time off from work to bond with a newborn or newly placed child, referred to as “parental leave” or “bonding time leave.” The ordinance has been covered extensively by the media, but most of the coverage does not accurately convey the ordinance’s provisions. Instead of guaranteeing a right to fully paid parental leave, the ordinance provides supplemental compensation to some employees who take leave. Further, in order to fully understand the law’s impact, one has to consider the ordinance in the context of the California Paid Family Leave Law.

Authored by John Hyland, the eBook explains the new San Francisco Paid Parental Leave Ordinance in connection with California’s Paid Family Leave Law, explains the obligations the Ordinance confers upon employers, describes the benefits the Ordinance provides to employees and answers frequently asked questions about the Ordinance.

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