Jessica and Valerie are moderators at this year’s NELA convention.

The Nuts & Bolts Of Litigating Harassment & Hostile Work Environment Claims 
Moderator: Valerie Brender 
Speakers: Margaret A. Harris & Stephen  Montoya
Workplace harassment is not prohibited expressly by federal statute, and federal courts have been left to fill in the gaps regarding the legal standards that govern what constitutes unlawful conduct. As such, this area of the law can be quite complex, creating obstacles to vindicating the rights of those facing workplace harassment that are not present in other types of employment cases. Our advocates will break down the components of a harassment case and identify the particular challenges—legal, factual, and practical—to litigating them effectively.

Effectively Challenging Discrimination & Harassment In A Post-Epic Systems World 
Moderator: Jessica Riggin 
Speakers: Eve H. Cervantez & Leah M. Nicholls
Workers’ rights advocates nationwide have condemned the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent Epic Systems decision as an “epic fail”—a ruling that will prevent the full and effective enforcement of state and federal employment laws for years to come, especially when systemic violations are at issue. But all is not lost. We will have a pragmatic discussion about ways to defeat forced arbitration clauses and offer strategies for success in arbitration, focusing in particular on the unique considerations present in harassment and discrimination cases.

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