Tantalum/Aluminum Capacitors Manufacturers Antitrust

Rukin Hyland & Riggin LLP is Investigating Claims Against the Manufacturers of Capacitors

According to reports in the press, the antitrust division of the United States Justice Department is investigating alleged price-fixing among the leading manufacturers of capacitors. Price fixing occurs when competitors agree to coordinate or fix their prices or discounts at certain levels and thereby remove competition. The result is that customers are required to pay more for the products. Price-fixing agreements are illegal under federal law and the law of many states (including California).

Capacitors are used in many electronic devices, including smartphones and other consumer electronics to heavy machinery. They are so common that nearly every electrical product contains them, and even products that we don’t think of as “electric,” such as cars, contain thousands of them. Capacitors are like small batteries—they store electrical charges and then release that charge later.

There are different types of capacitors, including tantalum, aluminum, ceramic, film, and polymer aluminum.

In June of 2014, Forbes magazine reported that “After Chinese competition authorities raided Japanese capacitor manufacturers in China in March, two Japanese companies, NEC Tokin and Taiyo Yuden, acknowledged that they were cooperating with investigators.” Forbes reported further that prosecutors from the U.S. Justice Department may be “coordinating their investigation of capacitor manufacturers with counterparts across Asia and Europe.” Press reports indicate further that a Japanese company has applied to the Justice Department’s leniency program, which grants amnesty to the first conspirator to report anti-competitive conduct.

The companies that manufacture capacitors include Nippon Chemi-con Corp., Panasonic, Toshin Kogyo, KEMET Corp., Matsuo Electric, NEC Tokin, and Elna Co. Ltd.

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