Elias v. Pedro’s Restaurant and Cantina

Case No.: 1-15-cv-282195

Superior Court of California-County of Santa Clara

Attorneys: Steven Tindall, Valerie Brender

We have filed a class action lawsuit against Pedro’s Restaurant and Cantina and Golden State Restaurants (“Pedro’s”) on behalf of all hourly employees.  The Complaint alleges that Pedro’s did not properly compensate hourly employees for all overtime worked.  For example, Pedro’s sometimes compensated hourly employees’ overtime as regular hours.  The complaint also alleges that hourly employees routinely missed meal and rest breaks and were not paid a one-hour premium for missed breaks.  Plaintiff further alleges that Pedro’s did not properly report hourly employees’ compensation on wage statements and misreported the amount of tips that hourly employees received.  Plaintiff asserts that Pedro’s is liable for unpaid wages, meal and rest break premiums, and penalties for hourly employees.

See the complaint here.