San Francisco Healthcare Fraud Whistleblower Attorney

Healthcare Fraud Whistleblower Lawyers

At Rukin Hyland & Riggin LLP, our attorneys represent employees who are blowing the whistle on employers for committing healthcare fraud. These are often the employees who handle billing and accounting for medical professionals or who process payment and insurance claims. We frequently work with office managers, bookkeepers, secretaries and similar staff members. Regardless of the person’s specific position, our goal is the same: to help them exercise the rights and protections they are entitled to under qui tam law.

Examples of Healthcare Fraud

Health fraud comes in many forms. Some are obvious. Others are complex and intricate. All are illegal. Some common manifestations of healthcare fraud include:

Who Commits Healthcare Fraud?

Any individual or business involved in the healthcare industry may have the opportunity to commit healthcare fraud. This includes clinics, hospitals and individual medical providers, such as doctors, chiropractors, dentists, psychologists, and psychiatrists. Pharmacists and pharmacies, and even drug manufacturers may also have access to government resources like Medicare and Medicaid. Medicare fraud and Medicaid fraud, in particular, are among the most common forms of healthcare fraud.

Whistleblowers Are Protected

People who step forward to report employers that are taking advantage of money set aside to help people in need are protected by law. They cannot legally be terminated or retaliated against in any way. Furthermore, they are entitled to a portion of the recovery.

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