San Francisco Qui Tam Lawyer

Employees, former employees, or other persons aware of fraud being committed against the government may bring a claim under so-called qui tam laws on behalf of the government to recover defrauded funds. The person who brings such a claim may be entitled to a significant portion of any money that is recovered.

The Federal False Claims Act and the California False Claims Act

Federal law protects whistleblowers who bring claims against government contractors or other persons receiving government funds and permit the whistleblower to collect a portion of the recovery. This law is called the Federal False Claims Act (31 USC 3729-3733), and it only applies where the fraud is being committed against the United States government. People with knowledge of fraud against the State of California can also bring an action under the California False Claims Act (Government Code sections 12650-12656).

Because certain government projects and contractors may receive both federal and state funds, these laws sometimes provide overlapping protection, and it is important for an employee with a potential false claims act claim to work with an attorney experienced in this complex area of the law.

Whistleblowers Receive a Portion of the Recovery

People who bring qui tam actions often stand to recover a significant amount of money. Under the Federal False Claims Act, a whistleblower may be entitled to upwards of 25 percent of the total recovery. Since these claims often involve millions of dollars, it is important that employees take great care in filing these actions. The assistance of an experienced attorney is critical.

How Rukin Hyland & Riggin LLP Can Help

At Rukin Hyland & Riggin LLP, we help employees and former employees understand their rights under qui tam law. If you would like to speak with our San Francisco qui tam lawyers about your situation or request a consultation, please contact us.