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In the United States, the history of qui tam law is closely linked to military and defense contract fraud. During the Civil War, the law was developed to protect the War Department and U.S. soldiers against companies who sold shoddy goods to the government. Unfortunately, similar acts of fraud persist today. The government counts on whistleblowers who discover that their company is providing deficient or defective materials or who are willing to report fraudulent billing practices.

Examples of Military and Defense Contract Fraud

Some examples of fraud against the military are strictly financial: A company may bill more hours than employees of the company actually worked, pad invoices or overcharge for goods or services.

However, there is much more than just money at stake in these cases. Companies have a clear motivation to commit fraud against the United States military; they do it to improve the corporate bottom line. Defective or deficient goods can put the lives of soldiers and marines in jeopardy.

Other examples involve providing goods that do not meet the agreed-upon requirements. Perhaps the government contract was for one hundred new vehicles and the company provided one hundred rebuilt vehicles. Perhaps protective gear was made using inferior materials.

Whistleblowers Are Protected

Employees who blow the whistle on military or defense contractor fraud are protected from termination or retaliation by law. They are also entitled to a portion of the money recovered.

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